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DAKO Ltd. is your local waterproofing company always ready to help out with any types of waterproofing works. Whether the deck in your house has been leaking or you want to ensure the leaking safety beforehand in your new building, we are ready to arrive on-sight and run the evaluation of works and provide you an offer with no charges applied!

Our story.

DAKO Ltd. was founded in 2013 by an ambitious team of specialists that have a vision of providing great service with affordable prices and personal approach for each of the projects within the large scale. To check more about our waterproofing family, check out our team page.

Currently, company has 15 team members with high level of qualification. For the period of 2016-2017 DAKO has completed 67 projects of different scales. 13 of them are commercial projects with leading builders such as Corbel, DNA, Premium Homes, and many others. Thus making 54 residential projects.
Our field of waterproofing does apply to all the building process crucial stages, such as retaining walls of the building basement up to securing flat roofs and decks.

Company has successfully employed the materials from world leading suppliers such as Viking, Ardex, Alco, etc. For more details about our supplying partners, check out our partners page.

Our commercial team is always ready to process your inquiries, thus request for the project evaluation free of charge by filling up this form now.

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