Membrane roofs provide a continuous watertight barrier to shield a building's interior. These roofing types are commonly used as flat roofing devices because they are waterproof, which is important in areas where water does not evaporate quickly. They can also be seen on roofs with very low pitches where shingled, slate or tile roofing will be ineffective. A tar and pitch membrane was once the most common, but newer synthetic materials are rapidly supplanting it. These more unique synthetic membranes have a great leak-proof alternative for flat roofs.

Membrane roofs may be made out of various materials, including synthetic rubber, thermoplastic (PVC), and more.

Gravity is an enemy for flat roofs. Water can pool on the top, and pooled water has a high risk of leaks. Any seams, gaps, or holes in the roof allow water to flow down as per gravity's course. When constructing a flat roof, it's critical to figure out how to get water off the roof without allowing it to spill and seep inside the floor.

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Membrane Roof Repair and Replacement

Flat roofs which require an impenetrable barrier benefit from membrane roofing.

Membrane roofing offers unrivalled security from water–and, in some cases, pollutants, grease, and other toxins. From warehouses and manufacturers to hotels, high-rise homes, and retail shops, every commercial space uses flat roofs extensively. Flat roofs, though easier to build and install, can be a headache. There are certain disadvantages with installing flat roofs, like stagnant water pooling due to the lack of slope, mould, and fungus making a house in the roofs. Leaks in the roof lead to structural damage, and alligatoring could indicate that the roof needs to be replaced.

Replacement of a Flat Roof

There are instances where a flat roof is beyond repair. No amount of work will benefit. For example, if the roof has formed bubbles that burst open and leak water. There is no choice but to replace your roof. We, at Dako are one of New Zealand's most respected flat roof replacement companies. Our team of professionals has the skills and expertise to tackle any part of your project from start to finish. We also deal with the new building or installations. Contact us about your requirements, and we can help take the process ahead.

Roof Repair with Membrane

We, at Dako, install membrane roofing and repair membrane roofs on commercial buildings of all sizes. We will check the roof for defects and address them as failure to do so can turn them into a big issue that can cost thousands of dollars to fix.

Benefits of Membrane Roofs

A membrane application can divert water from your roof and keep it functional all year round. If your home has a flat roof and rains frequently or continuously in your area, membranes are inevitable. Flat roofs with no membrane cover are hazardous to a home's structural integrity and are prone to destruction.

The most obvious advantage of switching to membrane roofing is the immediate price savings. Membrane shingles may be purchased for as little as $80 per 100 square feet.
There are many reasons how membrane roofing helps you save money in the long run through passive ways. Let's take a look at some:

  • Installing membranes by a specialist is easier and faster (less than a day).
  • Unlike shingles, the material would not crack under pressure when walked on.
  • If it rains a lot in your town, this will keep water out.
  • Cleaning is easy, convenient, and inexpensive.
  • It doesn't get in the way of solar panel construction.
  • It needs very little upkeep.
  • It is energy-saving.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Membrane roofs are commonly used as a flat roofing system because they are watertight, which is important in areas where water does not evaporate quickly. It can be used in homes, RVs, ponds, and even tanks. Synthetic rubber, thermoplastic, and modified bitumen are the most popular materials used in membrane roofs.

If you wish to replace a membrane roof, the average cost depends on the size of the roof, the membrane you require, and the cost of labour. For accurate estimates, give us a call, and we can provide you with a quote.

Re-roofing a home is essential for updating a worn-out or leaking roof. Re-roofing will increase the value of a home. Hiring an expert builder or service supplier to re-roof a house is the safest way to escape any pitfall. You can re-roof a home using several materials available in the market today that include TPO, Modified Bitumen Roof, and PVC roofing.

Re-roofing cost depends on the materials and the labour cost. It depends on the size of the roof, too, and most companies charge according to the square feet.

Cracks and leaks, polling of water in roofs, alligatoring of the roofs, and buckling of the membrane are some of the most common problems with Membrane roofs.


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