When it comes to a home improvement or a new deck, vinyl decking and aluminum railing might sound like the more costly route, but the lack of maintenance, cleaning, and re-staining that come with vinyl versus wood is worth every penny, and is a worthy investment to your deck and home. Vinyl Decking system is completely waterproofing solution which can reliably keep the water out for a long time.

However, no matter how superior a vinyl decking membrane may be, its waterproofing ability and long-term performance is dependent upon how well it is installed. In this regard, you can trust that DAKO has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in your vinyl deck installation/replacement. Get in touch with us to learn more and have free consultation on how to elegantly and securely approach to waterproofing your site now!

Currently the following suppliers can provide the torch applied membranes:

Viking Roofspec:

  • Dec-K-ing - PVC Membrane;

Vinyl Membrane


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