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Rubber membrane has been keeping New Zealanders dry for almost 50 years. It is the right mix of TPO and Butyl Rubber to create a membrane that offers elongation and a tough finish. It is a flexible waterproofing and repairing lining sheet that can be used on a variety of projects. Whether you want to apply Butonyl on a new roof, deck or any other surface, it offers maximum protection. Tough and durable, this flexible rubber waterproofing sheeting is perfect.

At Dako Waterproofing, we have licensed and well-trained staff with in-depth knowledge of roofing systems. Our staff has undergone extensive training and knows the ins and outs of the Ardex Butynol waterproofing, the first rubber waterproofing system. We follow a strategic plan by scheduling a site visit. We look for the size of membrane required, inspect the roof surface and listen to your requirements. Based on your specifications and the work job demands, we create a customised plan that ensures quality waterproofing.

So, if you are looking for experts offering butynol waterproofing in Auckland, then reach out to us.

Currently, the following suppliers can provide the Rubber Butynol membranes:

Viking Roofspec

To ensure your roof remains flexible in the rough weather of New Zealand, we use only quality products from the trusted brands, and Vikings Roofspec is one of them. Its rubber membrane, Butylclad - Butyl Rubber, is made of 30% EPDM rubber that provides elongation and UV resistance. The 70% part is made of butyl rubber that adds strength to the membrane.


A popular name in the waterproofing industry, ARDEX is the brand you can rely on. The brand manufactures Ardex Butynol rubber membrane that is CodeMark certified and provides protection against water, moisture vapour, sunlight, chemicals and ozone.

Butynol Roof Repairs

Butynol roofs are highly durable and protect your structure from harmful external elements like UV rays, ozone, acids and bacteria. While they come with 20 to 30 years of warranty, they are certain events where the membranes deteriorate. For example, if there is a heavy thunderstorm, the membrane may get slight tears, or the joints begin to peel off. So, it’s wise to repair it firsthand before the minor cuts create further complications.

Doke Waterproofing specialists have all the tools and experience required to fix damaged Butynol roofs. We thoroughly inspect the roofs with full safety measures and patch the tears using high-quality tapes, adhesives and primers. So, if you need a professional butynol roof repair in Auckland, then connect with us today.

butynol roof auckland


If you want to clean your butyl rubber roofing, just go for a quality cleaning solution and a jet spray to remove that stubborn moss. However, you need to be careful with the speed of spray, keep it gentle to avoid the butynol joints from being torn. There are also formulated solutions available with sprays that let you clean the roofs from the ground.

Yes, you can. If you have a Butynol roofing membrane that has faded, you can paint it with quality acrylic paints that will add years to life, keep the UV rays away and give an attractive finish. You can even consult with your butynol roof applicator about the paint that goes best with the roof.


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