How Much Could Reroofing Cost You?

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Those beautifully installed shingles, grey tint and aesthetically appealing vibe. If we are being honest, that’s all we need to make your roofs way better than they are now. And, while the roofing would be the greatest investment you will ever make to your home, why not make it worth your while. 

The reason behind reroofing in Auckland could either be you looking for a more aesthetical appeal, or you are just getting rid of that torned-off, bend shingles. Despite the reason, there are generally two common options when it comes to your roof. You could either get it replaced and get a new one instead, or you could renovate it by going for reroofing services. 

And, the choice you make truly depends on what is your budget. So, if reroofing is on your mind, here’s what the cost structure might look like-

What Do You Need To Know About Reroofing?

As the name suggests, reroofing is a technique of up doing your existing roof by altering its look and making some changes. Unlike roof replacement, it’s not entirely replacing your current roof with a new one but upgrading your current roof into something that is more feasible and more attractive. 

Moreover, contrary to roof replacement, you can control your budget with reroofing. If you just want to make the roof more appropriate, you could simply go for some minor upgrades. However, if you have the budget to upgrade the entire thing, you could do that as well. 

Keeping this in mind, if you are planning to upgrade the entire roof, it’s best to go for roof replacement instead, as you will be spending the same amount of money in either of the cases. 

How Much Could It Cost?

If you want to stick to your budget, it’s best to stick to something traditional. It could be a roof with long run iron with pressed tin. On average, metal tiles and log run iron could cost you around $55 per m2, with the house being around 130-140 square feet. 

But, if you want something modern or minimalistic, like those beautiful black and grey tinted shingles, you gotta move your budget up. 

What Should You Consider Before Going For Reroofing?

The first thing you must consider is how big your roof is. Everything you incorporate on your roof would cost you according to the per m2. And, if you are thinking of cutting down your costs by buying something of a mid-quality, you are wrong. This would only downgrade the quality of your roof and make its life span a little shorter. 

So, instead of doing this, you could buy high-quality limited stuff and add additional items later when you have the budget. 

In A Nutshell

So, if you think that reroofing is the right choice for you, it is best to set your budget straight. Make sure you analyse the costs, including the cost of purchasing and labour, and choose what’s actually best for you. 

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